Nestd™️ is a social enterprise that sells beautiful and affordable compact homes,
with all profits going to towards preventing youth homelessness.

Why Nestd?

For over 30 years, Kids Under Cover has been providing much-needed space in the form of backyard ‘studios’ for young people who are already experiencing or are at-risk of homelessness.

Kids Under Cover studios can change lives overnight. For many young people, having something as simple as their own space is what keeps them at home and connected to family – and off the next person’s couch or worse.

Seeing an opportunity to leverage Kids Under Cover’s supply chain to create an independent revenue stream by supplying compact living solutions to customers was the inspiration behind Nestd.

  • Affordable
  • Made in Australia
  • Quick to install

  • Architecturally designed

  • Compact < 45sqm

  • Up to 7-star energy ratings
  • Easy to transport flat packs

  • Business with a social purpose

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