The Nestd™️ Studio is a remarkably flexible design. Choose one-bedroom plus bathroom, two-bedroom plus bathroom or one-bedroom and living space/kitchenette.

Just as remarkably, the Studio can be fully fitted and installed within 10 business days. Starting at 18 square metres, these practical prefabricated designs provide semi-independent living at an affordable price.

They are ideal for keeping family members or guests close to the main home.

The energy saver Studio is Australian made with Durra Panel from Bendigo. It includes additional insulation and double glazed windows for a 6-star energy rating.

1 Bedroom: 4.99m x 3.8m Studio with bathroom. Starting from $60,000 + GST.
2 Bedroom: 9.06m x 3.8m Studio with bathroom. Starting from $80,000 + GST.

  • Australian made
  • 6-star energy efficiency
  • Low maintenance
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