Welcome to the July’s edition of the Nestd newsletter.

Considering all the news around we thought we’d dedicate this newsletter to the dynamics at play within the building sector here in Australia and what this means for us at Nestd.

No doubt you’ve heard about the challenges being experienced by some of our most regarded building groups. At a broad level, these challenges are being brought about due to:

  • The war in Ukraine and the impact this is having on timber production from the region.
  • Quarry and supply chain capacity and congestion limiting access to and delaying the delivery of materials and products.
  • Covid and the return of international workers to support current and upcoming demand both here in Australia and with primary manufacturers around the world.
  • Geo-political unrest around the world and in Australia, our relationship with China and Russia, as primary suppliers to our building industry.
  • High levels of inflation and rising interest rates.

In a recent report by Wingate, building material costs are now increasing at their fastest rate since 1980, and building costs are expecting to rise, placing further pressure on affordability. This difficult time means that for many builders fixed price contracts signed 6, 12, 24 months ago are now under significant threat of losing money on their projects.

What this also means is that prices must inevitably rise. We have observed other home providers having to increase their prices by at least 30% these past few months. Sadly, it will also mean that some builders will go out of business.

The Peak

What are we doing at Nestd to keep prices down?

Nestd is a social enterprise where all our profits flow back to Kids Under Cover – the charity focused on the reduction of youth homelessness. To ensure that we stay affordable and continue to deliver a meaningful profit back to Kids Under Cover, we are:

  • Assessing costs and streamlining operations to remove any unnecessary expense
  • Working closely with each of our major suppliers to negotiate costs to limit rises
  • Identifying opportunities to innovate our designs and construction methods to reduce costs of both materials and during the build stage
  • Working with a licensed quantity surveyor to ensure that we’re removing any unnecessary costs in our homes.

However, Nestd is not immune to the pressures and we too have has to increase the prices on each our homes. Thankfully we have been able to keep a lid on our rises being at the lower end of what we’re seeing across the market.

At Nestd we remain committed to delivering you with a high-quality product that you and your family will be proud of. Thank you for your understanding and we look forward to helping you realise your dream, whether that be for your home, weekender or rental.

If you have any queries at all, or want to discuss your special project, please get in touch.

Yours sincerely,

Greg Muller
Chair, Nestd Homes

The Gable
The Peak
The Dom
The Hygge - to be released soon

*All prices quoted exclusive of GST.

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Kids Under Cover

Nestd is a social enterprise of Kids Under Cover.
100% of the profit from every Nestd home sold goes towards preventing youth homelessness.