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Are Nestd™️ compact houses considered tiny houses?2020-09-24T09:45:06+10:00

According to the Australian Tiny House Association, tiny houses are ‘moveable dwellings up to 50m2 that are suitable for residential use. Tiny houses can be largely grouped into 2 categories: on wheels or on skids.’

By this definition, Nestd™️’s houses are not tiny homes. Our houses are compact or small homes.

Are Nestd™️ compact houses moveable?2021-01-19T07:47:35+11:00

Yes, the houses can be moved. However, they are not on wheels or skids so they are not ‘transportable’ as such. Our houses are installed on secure footings that offer a more permanent and secure solution. The process of moving the units requires disassembling the house back to its original flatpack, trucking it to the new location and then re-installing it.

Where can Nestd™️ compact houses be sited?2021-01-19T08:13:48+11:00

You can site the houses anywhere, subject to council approval.

How much does it cost to install a Nestd™️ compact home including connecting to services?2021-01-19T07:25:26+11:00

It will vary from site to site but you should budget between $20,000 and $50,000 in addition the material or ‘kit’ prices that are quoted on the product pages of this website.

Please see our pricing schedule for more details.

How long do Nestd™️ compact houses take to build?2020-09-24T13:42:00+10:00

Once planning and building permits have been approved and the building contract signed, the house can be installed in 10 days.

What needs to happen prior to construction (known as pre-construction)?2020-09-24T13:44:19+10:00

We have two stages of pre-construction; Feasibility study and Permits.

The initial Feasibility study costs $1100 + GST and includes the title search, detailing relevant overlays, siting options and town planning requirements for your consideration.

If you decide to proceed to the next stage of pre-construction, known as Permits.  This is when we organise a site survey, structural engineering (for both house and footings), energy rating report, storm water design, soil test/geotechnical report, town planning and building permit preparation and submission on your behalf.

What permits and approvals do I need?2020-09-24T13:48:14+10:00

All Nestd™️ compact house projects require a building permit from a registered building surveyor. Your local council may also  require you to have a town planning permit as well. We can assist with this process.

Who applies for the permits?2020-09-24T13:46:35+10:00

You can apply or we can manage this on your behalf. If the building complies as a Dependent Persons Unit, a Planning Permit may not be required.

A Building Permit is necessary in all circumstances

Can I customise Nestd™️ compact houses?2020-09-24T12:21:09+10:00

In order for us to keep our prices affordable, there are limited opportunities for customisation at the moment.

Feel free to discuss your requirements with the Nestd team, who can offer advice and talk to the factory if necessary.

There are upgrades and options available, which can be found on the product pages of this website.

How long will do Nestd™️ compact houses last?2021-01-19T08:10:33+11:00

Our houses last 50+ years or the same as a traditionally built houses.

How long are the Nestd™️ compact houses under warranty?2020-09-24T12:15:36+10:00

All our houses are covered by the standard 7 Year House Builders Warranty.

Can Nestd™️ compact houses be off grid?2020-09-24T12:18:10+10:00

Yes, an off grid package is available for all the houses as an upgrade.

I am an owner builder. Can I organise all my own trades?2020-09-24T12:04:35+10:00

Absolutely. We can deliver all the Nestd™️ compact house materials or ‘kits’  you need and you can organise permits, installation and site connection yourself as an owner builder.

Does Nestd™️ deliver the end-to-end process?2020-09-24T12:12:34+10:00

Nestd™️ works with a number of trusted partners to undertake the various stages of the pre-construction and construction phases. More about our partners here.

Nestd™️ will oversee your project end-to-end to ensure you are happy and that everything is running on time and on budget.

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